Projection and Lighting showAs in IT, I love finding creative ways of finding solutions and making AV shine. It doesn’t have to always be the flashiest solution, but it definitely has to work. I’ve covered almost all aspects of Professional AV, from small meetings, through to large-scale civic and public performances. I often surprise in what I can achieve and deliver.

I’m passionate about AV – its something that is enjoyable to me, and I love helping others learn how to run events, having trained a number of people in various forms of technical support roles.

So what can I do (in terms of AV?):


Design, install, co-ordinate and/or operate most brands and models of professional sound equipment. I prefer working in a live sound environment, and this is the area I have been working in (in various capacities) for more than half my life. Orchestral, spoken word, theatrical, live performance or incidental – I have probably had a hand in it.


Very similar to sound – I have been involved in the lighting setup of many shows, and the installation of a small number of venues. I am familiar with DMX lighting control equipment, and am capable of organising, rigging and operating both fixed and moving lighting setups.


I have been involved in the live projection and live recording of  a number of shows, using various switching, mixing and scaling devices to achieve the desired outcome. Again, this is mostly in a live context, but I have also done video editing to produce DVD versions of performances. I’ve also had involvement in events with outdoor projection, indoor meeting and boardroom setups, education and live streamed broadcast.