My aim:

I love finding solutions. I look at a problem, including the underlying reasons why that problem exists, and I try to solve them as best I am able. Often this involves a varied mix of hardware, software, firmware and wetware.

I love finding unorthodox solutions to problems, and this means I find new and creative ways of approaching a problem. Sure, the tried and true will work, but sometimes there’s a better way, or a cheaper way to implement, or a faster process to follow. I love being creative in how I solve a problem.

I’d love to work for someone who gives me the latitude and opportunity to surprise them. I’m solutions-focused, so I thrive on developing the best solution. My varied skills allow me to approach problems in ways people may not have considered, but this is an advantage I hold.

So what can I do (in terms of IT?):

I’ve worked for several years in various aspects of IT. As part of my work, I help support anything from simple end user  requests through to major systems overhauls, planning and design of physical, virtual and projected infrastructure.


I have worked as part of a few small teams, and also previously as a sole administrator. Each of these roles has involved many of the day-to-day operations IT admins undertake – management of user accounts, devices, backups, database systems, servers, security and network infrastructure. I have also been involved in policy decisions in each of these roles, directing strategic planning and practices, to direct the present and future direction of IT in the organisations in which I work.

Network management, infrastructure implementation and upgrades and project management to get things done are all within my skillset. I’m rarely happy to just let someone do something without me learning part of what’s going on – I constantly and eagerly update and supplement my knowledge in the tasks I undertake with specialist staff.


I have been responsible for the development or deployment of new systems, roll-out of new infrastructure, and the protection, backup, recovery and improvement of existing systems.

This has included some in-house development of web-based communication systems, along with set-up and configuration of various third-party software. This has required me to understand the underlying problems and principals behind the systems, and make decisions appropriate to those underlying issues.

I’m also familiar with virtualised environments, shared storage (both SAN and NAS), various routing and networking techniques and protocols, customised DR environments, telephony (Phone, VoIP, Video, Radio, etc), and wide-reaching wired and wireless networks.

In addition, specifying, managing and completing sizeable projects with the aid of appropriate contractors and consultants is a normal part of my role. Documentation and training is always key to any successful project, and I’m also heavily involved in this in all I undertake


My job has also included the practical maintenance of server and client hardware – which I am comfortable performing. General and specialist troubleshooting, fault-finding, and prevention of IT failure is a necessary part of IT, and I am familiar with many platforms (notably Windows and Linux Variants, but also comfortable in Mac/other *nix variants).

I also have an excellent understanding of cabling, power and backup supply design, load calculations, even including designing whole-building upgrades for strategic plans and implementation projects. I love getting involved in practical ways and am able to work with both high-level architects and on-the-ground technical and trade staff.

As always, something will stumble, break or fail. Being able to proactively resolve issues before , and swiftly resolve as they happen is something I work hard to do.